Seminarians at the Lourdes Sanctuary

 Seminarians in Lourdes

Welcoming and accompanying

The mission entrusted to seminarians is primarily to welcome pilgrims and support them during their pilgrimage. This is an opportunity for seminarians to evangelise, catechise and proclaim the message of Lourdes. They are obliged to profess the Catholic faith in their conduct. On their arrival, they will be given a short training course on the message of Lourdes and the Charter for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable People. You can read the charter the Sanctuary website.


Serving at Masses, in particular the Pilgrims’ Mass at 11.15am, and the International Mass on Wednesdays and Sundays. Leading the Stations of the Cross. Serving during Eucharistic and Marian processions.


Serving at the Baths with sick pilgrims, at the OCH and participating in youth ministry.

Seminarians at the Lourdes Sanctuary




Seminarians wishing to serve at the Sanctuary of Lourdes should send a brief letter of intent together with their application form to Fr Maxime Kouassi by post or to by the end of May at the latest. The Sanctuary reserves the right to refuse applications. In September, a brief report on the placement will be sent to the superior or, if necessary, to the person in charge of training.


Full board and lodging is provided for seminarians. They are housed at the Maison Martha and Mary in the Sanctuary. They have breakfast and dinner there. Lunch is taken at the Accueil Notre Dame. They are given lunch tickets at the beginning of their stay. Any unused tickets should be returned. Linen is collected at the beginning of the week and returned clean at the end of the week. Seminarians are expected to provide a range of services (cleaning, meals, washing up, etc.).

Dress code

Seminarians are required to wear the Sanctuary polo shirt provided during their pastoral ministry. These should be returned at the end of their service. Shorts are not permitted in the Sanctuary.

Community prayers

Lauds (7.00am) and Vespers (7.00pm) are sung communally in the chapel. Seminarians take part in Sanctuary Masses.

Civil liability

Like all volunteers at the Sanctuary, seminarians are covered by our public liability insurance.


Seminarians are expected to arrive and leave on the dates specified for their placement. They are responsible for their own transport costs. Please advise the relevant language coordinator “chapelain” of your exact arrival and departure times at:


The service provided is entirely voluntary. Any money received from pilgrims must be handed over to the Sanctuary. The seminarians should always invite pilgrims to take their donations to the Mass and Donations Office.

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