Organising a pilgrimage

Are you planning to come to Lourdes with a group? On a pilgrimage? In preparation for the sacraments? For a spiritual retreat of three or four days? With sick people, or old people, or young people? Whether you are pilgrimage directors or Hospitality Presidents, group leaders, catechists, priests, chaplains, travel agencies… you’re all welcome.

How do I organise a group pilgrimage to the Sanctuary?

If you want to book Mass times, participate in processions, visits and activities to discover the message of Lourdes, you need to register.

In need of some individual advice?

By phone on 05 62 42 20 08
By email

Accommodation at the Sanctuary

By phone on 05 62 42 80 40
By email

To note before you get started:

Why is it important to register?
Registering is important so that we can give you a high quality welcome. If we know you are coming, we can adapt what we do for you, the languages ​​of the celebrations etc.
If you register, you can make a variety of requests, for example, a celebration of mass at the grotto or in a chapel at the Sanctuary, guided tours with a pastoral leader from the Sanctuary, room for vigils, a time of adoration, audio-visual equipment, etc.

Is it free to register?
Yes, registration is free. However, any resources made available to you have a cost. The Sanctuary of Lourdes only survives through donations. The sacristans and the people who welcome you are employees of the Sanctuary. The maintenance of the premises, the equipment made available to you all have a cost. Therefore, we thank you for the offering that we very much hope you will make.

A suggested offering will be requested when you register.

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