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27th Meeting of Catholic Journalists in Lourdes

The 27th International Saint François de Sales Meeting, organised by the Catholic Media Federation, in partnership with the dicastery for communications and the Sanctuary of our Lady of Lourdes, will take place in Lourdes from 24th to 26th January 2024.
All media and communications professionals are invited to come and discuss the changing habits brought about by the return of war to Europe, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, and the Synod on Synodality initiated by Pope Francis.

Celestino Migliore, Apostolic Nuncio to France, will be answering questions from participants and awarding the 7th Father Jacques Hamel Prize to the winner who will be chosen, for the first time, from dozens of international entries.

A time of upheaval

The theme of the meetings in Lourdes will be “A time of upheaval”, with exceptional speakers from every continent.

More than 250 Catholic media professionals and communicators from more than 25 countries will be taking part: participants from France, of course, but also from Italy, the Vatican, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.

“What do artificial intelligence (AI) and the synod on synodality have in common? On the face of it, not much. But for our Catholic media, both the approach called for by Pope Francis and the turmoil of AI are shaking up our habits and practices, and challenging our raison d’être, both as ‘media’ and as ‘Catholics’. As Catholic media, how can we adapt to this time of upheaval?” Xavier Le Normand, programme coordinator, will introduce the meeting by asking the Catholic journalists who will be present in Lourdes

“Purify your heart” and then “speak and listen with your heart”

“Purify your heart” and then “speak and listen with your heart”. This is the twofold invitation from Pope Francis, to “be communicate truth with charity” at a time when we are “prone to indifference and indignation”.
“As Christians, we know that the destiny of peace is decided by conversion of hearts, since the virus of war comes from within the human heart. [6] From the heart come the right words to dispel the shadows of a closed and divided world and to build a civilisation which is better than the one we have received. Each of us is asked to engage in this effort, but it is one that especially appeals to the sense of responsibility of those working in the field of communications so that they may carry out their profession as a mission.
May the Lord Jesus, the pure Word poured out from the heart of the Father, help us to make our communication clear, open and heartfelt.
May the Lord Jesus, the Word made flesh, help us listen to the beating of hearts, to rediscover ourselves as brothers and sisters, and to disarm the hostility that divides.
May the Lord Jesus, the Word of truth and love, help us speak the truth in charity, so that we may feel like protectors of one another.” (Pope Francis – Rome, St John Lateran, 24th January 2023, memorial of St Francis de Sales)

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