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27-30th October 2022 – Faith and Light celebrates its golden jubilee

Faith and Light was born during the 1971 Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes. 2021, therefore, marks the 50th anniversary of the movement. Faith and Light breaks down the barriers of indifference and fear! Faith and Light has a sense of celebration, because people with a mental disability demonstrate just this with their instinctive friendliness

There will be many events during this golden jubilee to celebrate and give thanks, in the presence of Marie-Hélène Mathieu (foundress of Faith and Light). Raul Izquierdo, international coordinator, writes in the 2020-21 handbook, “Our small communities made up of people with big hearts are fifty years old! This should be a cause for celebration, to increase out profile and to thank God for the treasure we have in our hands.”


Thursday, 27th October
Arrival in Lourdes and celebration of the “washing of the feet”.

Friday, 28th October
9 a.m.: Opening ceremony at the Saint Bernadette church
2:30 p.m.: Stations of the Cross at the Saint Bernadette Church
9:00 p.m.: Torchlight procession

Saturday, 29th October:
9 a.m.: Reconciliation celebration at the Saint Bernadette church
10 a.m.: Groups in the Sanctuary depart to make the gestures of Lourdes (rock, water, candles) and confessions in the Saint Bernadette church.
11:20 a.m.: Celebration in the Sainte-Bernadette church focused on light.
8:30 p.m.: Festive Vigil at the Saint Bernadette church

Sunday 30th October
9:00 a.m.: Mass at the Saint Bernadette Church
2:30 p.m.: 50th anniversary celebration at the Saint Bernadette church
4:30 p.m.: Party and songs on the prairie
8:30 p.m.: Youth vigil at the Saint Bernadette church

An extraordinary human adventure.

“Faith and Light is based on the conviction that every person with a disability is a person in their own right and that they have all rights: the right to be loved, recognised and respected in their person and their choices.
Faith and Light believes that any able-bodied or disabled person is loved by God and that Jesus lives in them.”
(Charter, II, 1)

Faith and Light:

reveals to disabled people that they are called to give all the riches of their heart, their tenderness, their faithfulness.
provides families with essential support in their difficulties, helps them to recognise more fully all the inner beauty of their child, and to discover that he or she can be a source of life and unity.
opens to friends a path of friendship with disabled people and of commitment to them, each discovering in the other the presence of the living Jesus and a new meaning in their life.
offers chaplains the opportunity to rediscover in a new way the heart of the Gospel message, the good news announced to the poor and the fragile, and to find therein a source of renewal for their ministry.

May the sun of faith and hope, which rises from the clouds of our fears and insecurities, always accompany you on the journey that still awaits you. May the Lord bless you and may Our Lady keep you.” Pope Francis, Faith and Light audience (2nd October 2021).

Jubilee Theme and Logo

There was a competition to create the logo and theme for the 50th anniversary, the winning theme being “A treasure to share” from the “Graines de Moutarde” community in the Ville d’Avray in France.
The winning logo is that designed by Cristina Casano-vas Montemayor from the “Two Rivers” community in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Cristina has Down’s syndrome and has been with Faith and Light for many years.

Welcome to Lourdes

At the Sanctuary at Saint Michael’s gate, throughout the year, there is a permanent welcome space, “where everyone can find a listening ear, compassion, support, with a little light of hope to continue on their journey…”. This centre is open to welcome you during your pilgrimage, whether you are with an organised pilgrimage, with your family or on your own.

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