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New: the “Prier avec Lourdes” mobile app

On the solemnity of Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, World Day of Peace, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes has launched the official “Praying with Lourdes” app.

Praying with Lourdes every day of the year

For all those who want to take a little of Lourdes home with them and experience the great celebrations live every day, the “Pray with Lourdes” app lets you be part of the Friends of Lourdes prayer community. Whether you want to leave a prayer intention at the Grotto of Massabielle, distance-light a candle, or have a mass said, the app gives you a daily opportunity to join Lourdes in prayer.

With Lourdes every day, just like being there in person

Every day, millions of people from all over the world connect with Lourdes in search of hope and comfort. The message that the Virgin Mary delivered to Bernadette Soubirous is a treasure to be discovered…
Would you like to join with the Lourdes pilgrims? Would you like to learn how to pray the rosary and discover the grace of this unique place? The “Praying with Lourdes” app is designed to be a part of your daily life, to invite you to peace and reflection.

The app is run by priests, religious and lay people from the Sanctuary of Lourdes.
It is aimed at those who are new to or already familiar with Lourdes, those who practise their faith regularly or occasionally, those who are curious… and those who are friends of Lourdes.

100% free to download.
The app is available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Join the Sanctuary's prayer community

Experience the celebrations live from the Grotto: daily masses and rosaries, live 24/7, Lourdes pilgrimages and special events
A prayer each day with Our Lady of Lourdes
Light a candle, leave a prayer intention, or have a mass said for your intentions
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Preparing for your pilgrimage to Lourdes

The “Sanctuaire ND Lourdes” application, launched this summer, is designed to help pilgrims prepare for and organise their visit, and to help them find their way around and understand the history of the Sanctuary once they arrive.

It features an interactive map to help pilgrims find their way around, real-time timetables for masses and other celebrations, practical information and suggested activities to help visitors understand the place and its history.

Objectives of the “Sanctuaire ND Lourdes” app

Prepare individual pilgrims for their arrival so that they can organise their visit and enjoy the best possible experience.
To optimise pilgrims' time by giving them all the useful information they need.

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