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June: a truly international month in Lourdes

During the month of June, the Sanctuary and the streets of the city looked more like an international capital city!

Throughout the month of June, French-speaking pilgrims were in a real minority. They were well represented by the diocesan pilgrimages of Lyon, Arras, Lille, Carcassonne, and the veterans of North Africa… not forgetting the great pilgrimage of motorcyclists, long awaited by lovers of two wheels, and by the children of Lourdes for the events taking place throughout the city!
But in Lourdes during the month of June, the Sanctuary and the streets of the city looked more like an international capital city.
Our Italian neighbours came in large numbers, for example the pilgrims from the Calabria region, but also from the city of Verona, and Genoa to name but a few… giving the streets of Lourdes an air of “La Dolce Vita”…

Staying with Europe, we must mention our German neighbours who came from the four corners of Germany: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Augsburg, Leimen, and Limburg… not forgetting all those who came with the Order of Malta pilgrimage from Germany.
If we travel further south from our own region we find ourselves among our Spanish friends who arrived with their joy and warmth from Catalonia: Vic-Solsona, Girona, Barcelona, ​​Saint-Feliu, Terrassa, and Lleida… not forgetting all those who have travelled from Mallorca, Valencia, Vigo, Albacete, Mérida, Ciudad-Real… AND La Rioja, a region well known for its vineyards, whose young people area very active part of their pilgrimage; they offer virtual pilgrimages to Lourdes all year round, spiritual exercises, support…

The English language was also very well represented. We heard it spoken in accents diverse and melodious in our pilgrim friends from the Philippines, Australia, Ireland, Miami or with disabled pilgrims who came to Lourdes with the Across association.

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